Massive 290 4WD Tractor in Ghana

Model / Type: Massive 290 4wd
Horse Power: 82hp
Transmission: Manual
Engine: 4.1D
Colour: Red
Condition: Brand New

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Does your tractor give you a hard time when leveling an attached farm implement? Are you in need of farm tractors with exceptional hydraulic controls in Ghana? Need not worry as Tractors Ghana brings forth a massive tractor variety with exceptional hydraulic controls.

The worthiness of Massive Tractor 290 4WD

The 4×4 wheel drive version of Massive Tractor 290 is a worthwhile tractor in the entire range of Massive Tractors. This tractor is a powerful tractor with tremendous lifting capability. The simpler PTO system integrated with the Massive Tractor 290 is ideal for ceaseless power transfer. You can spot an externally located hydraulic system working in collaboration with the system engine. As for its great qualities, this tractor is always in demand not only in Ghana but in many African countries.

  • Internal system

The Massive Tractor 290 is among our selling tractors in Ghana. This tractor has a power steering system, to ensure the farmer’s ride is equally pleasant and smooth. This tractor is provided with a large operator platform and externally operated hydraulic system.

  • Engine details

This 79 Hp farm tractor is operated with the help of a 4.248 turbocharged diesel engine. The gross weight of this tractor is around 2900 Kg, thus can be used for multiple farming functions in medium to large-sized farms.

  • Transmission

The transmission of this 4WD tractor is of sliding spur type, featuring 8 forward gears and 2 reverse gears. Besides, a dual-plated clutch system and a logical gear sequence.

  • Exterior and interior

The exterior and interior of this rugged and maneuverable tractor are pretty versatile. The stylish wrapper and grill with a touch of angular headlamps yield a perfect look for the 4WD version of Massive Tractor 290. The deluxe spring suspension seat is another comfy feature of this tractor, making it among the most wanted tractor list.

You can grab this tractor at our acclaimed tractor dealer in Ghana at an extremely cost-effective rate.