Massive 399 4WD Tractor in Ghana

Model / Type: Massive 399 4WD
Horse Power: 100hp
Transmission: Manual
Engine: 4.1D
Colour: Red
Condition: Brand New


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Massive Tractors in Ghana

Massive Tractors are number one quality tractors that are not only affordable but encompass a wide range of features supporting agricultural chores without difficulty. Massive Tractors in Ghana are safe, reliable, and meticulously working tractors to outperform several cultivation activities thus expanding the crops of cocoa, citrus, oil palm, etc.


Massive Tractor 399 4WD

Of the huge troupe of Massive Tractors for sale in Ghana, the 4-wheel drive version of Massive Tractor 399 is a classical and versatile utility tractor to be trusted for the early cultivation of multiple crops grown in Ghana. The crops harvested via this uniquely built tractor, are high in nutritious value and therefore can be exported too to earn foreign exchange for our developing country. The superlative qualities of the Massive Tractor 399 are explained below;

  • The engine of Massive Tractor 399

The horsepower of this Perkins A6.354 6-cylinder engine tractor is 97 hp. This tractor engine makes use of diesel as its immediate fuel source. Since this tractor is huge, therefore it requires a huge fuel tank of approximately 126 liters to sustain its ongoing agricultural activities.

  • 3 types of transmission

Differential types of transmission include;

  • Speedshift transmission, providing 18-speed gears to move ahead while 6 to reverse back.
  • The synchromesh transmission provides 12-speed gears to move ahead while 4 gears to reverse back.
  • Shuttle transmission, providing 12-speed gears to move ahead while 12 gears to reverse back.

The maximum speed reached by this tractor is 18.2 mph.

The Massive Tractor 399 is a hugely popular utility tractor since the time it first rolled out of an England factory. So grab it from Tractors Ghana at cost-effective rates and enjoy its perks.