Tractors and Farm Implements for Sale in Ghana

FAQ’s about Tractors in Ghana

Why should I buy from Tractors Ghana?

Different tractor models from New Holland and Massey Ferguson Company in Ghana are considered to Tractors Ghana is a trusted dealer company in Ghana that ensures its customers high-quality, durable agricultural machinery at a reasonable price. We understand the needs of the farmers of Ghana and so have technologically advanced tractors but also other machinery that could take your farm to the other level. We provide top-of-the-line agricultural equipment along with after-sales services to provide complete customer satisfaction.

How do I select the right tractor for my farm in Ghana?

All our tractors on our site are dependable and of the finest quality from brands that are known worldwide. We also have tractors on sale to keep our customers in Ghana at ease. If you have a smaller farm you can get a tractor of 40 HP and if you have a larger farm, then a tractor with a higher horsepower would be the right choice. Furthermore, helping you choose the right tractor for your farm is our priority so don’t hesitate to send us an inquiry on our website for the options you have found attractive and our representatives will contact you to get assistance. 

What type of tractors are available?

There are various models from Massey Ferguson and New Holland. These agricultural machinery manufacturers are considered to have one of the best tractors in the world. We have tractors with varying horsepower such as the Massey Ferguson MF-240 which is 50HP and MF-385 4WD which is 85HP. In New Holland models, the lowest horsepower is the 480S with 55HP, and the highest is of the 70-56 tractor with 85HP.

Are the products on sale reliable? 

Yes, if you want to employ all of our farming hardware is authentic as we would never want to disappoint our farmers in Ghana. We have products of great condition on our site and are known to fulfill the needs of our customers, even with equipment on sale. We deliver well-known tractor brands so that our customers can remain satisfied.

Are farm implements helpful?

Farming tools and equipment are essential to a farmer’s success. Many farming products are designed to perform a specific activity, while others are utilized for multiple functions on the farm. The time it takes to produce something will be greatly decreased if you use high-quality equipment. Although human hands are more than capable of completing most chores, excellent small farm tractors and numerous tractor accessories will help you complete your task in a fraction of the time. Using farm implements also increases efficiency and decreases downtime.

How can I purchWhich farm implement should I purchase?

Each farm implement plays a different role so you will have to buy products according to your needs. If you need a tool to help spray an equal amount of pesticides on your land, then you will get a boom sprayer. If you need equipment to tow and lift up heavy construction machinery, then an adjustable pintle hook is the way to go. Visit our website to check out all the different farm implements we have at hand. You can get all the information you need and make your decision according to what’s lacking on your farm.

What is a combine harvester?

A farm combine harvester is designed to harvest a wide range of grain crops quickly and efficiently. Reaping, threshing, gathering, and winnowing are the four functions of this machine. Wheat, barley, soybeans, and sunflower seeds are among the crops it can gather and clean. With the help of this product, the farm can be simply prepared in less time for the next crop. From cutting through winnowing, farmers can reduce the entire cost of harvesting.

How do I make my first order at Tractors Ghana?

Massey Ferguson tractor mod for more information on our goods, please visit You can then contact one of our representatives, who will assist you in obtaining the goods you want. You can also reach out to us by email at [email protected].