Massive 260S Tractor

Model / Type: Massive 260
Horse Power: 60hp
Transmission: Manual
Engine: 2.5D
Colour: Red
Condition: Brand New


Hydraulic Position Control
High P.T.O Power Spring Suspension
Deluxe Seat,

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Looking for a high-performance tractor in Ghana? Massive Tractor 260 S is one of the credibly performing tractors and here is why we placed it at the top of the list!


Massive Tractor 260 S

Massive Tractor 260 S is a mid-sized utility tractor, widely performing numerous farming operations, to help farmers ace their everyday set goal of crop reaping. This tractor has beaten many tractors of similar size and horsepower range in terms of fuel efficiency, rate of emission of combustive fumes, resilience, affordability, and reliability. Below is a list of its spectacular features, making it highly persuasive among many mid-size utility tractors;

  • Engine

The Massive Tractor 260 S in Ghana is most popularly used in sugarcane fields. The engine of this highly prolific tractor is turbocharged and integrated with specialized systems to emit less combustive fumes. Besides, the engine is fuel efficient and provided a liquid coolant for instant cooling of the system engine. The Perkins T3.1524 direct injection 2.5 L engine is responsible for producing 48HP @ 2250 RPM under a maximum range of 1600 RPM of torque @ 212 NM.

  • Transmission

The transmission of this high-performance diesel engine tractor can be categorized as a manual type of transmission, under the domain of sliding spur type, with 2 reverse gears to move back and 8 forward gears to move ahead. The Massive Tractor 260 S also has a fuel tank of 47.5L and a constant reciprocating Ferguson pump for unstoppable off-terrain performance. The gross weight of the vehicle is measured to be 1890 kg while the maximum towing or lifting capacity is 1415 Kg.


Tractors Ghana

All these enthralling features come at a drastically affordable fare range thus making the Massive Tractor 260 S one of the most powerful and thrilling tractors at a 60 Hp range. So order right away at our esteemed and genuine tractor company in Ghana, namely Tractors Ghana.