Kubota DC-35 Combine Harvester in Ghana

Make: Kubota
Model: DC-35
Horsepower: 33hp
Fuel Capacity: 60L
Grain Tank Capacity: 130 L
Ground Clearance: 300 mm
Body Weight: 3,150


Advantages of using Combine harvesters

In Ghana, a combine harvester may be used to gather traditional grain crops such as wheat, beans, and oil plants. If used properly, a combine harvester can handle 2,000 acres in a single season. The Power Stream feature of the Combine Harvester increases productivity by minimizing wasted inputs and optimizing the efficiency with which they are taken in. When utilized with the primary cutter, this header may prevent shattering losses and maintain a steady feed rate. Technological advancements have enabled the automation of rice harvesting and transplanting, resulting in reduced labor costs and increased yields for farmers.

Special features of DC-35 Kubota combine harvester

The DC-35 is well-suited for work in paddy fields because of its straightforward design and shallow harvest angles. DC-35 is efficient and effective because of its rapid rotation and small harvesting angles (turning). The bag’s small form factor allows for increased cargo capacity. Due to its massive size and little weight, the crawler experiences very little pressure from the ground. DC-35 can provide superior threshing and separation performance even while working with heavy loads. The filter box’s typical air stream cleaning mechanism guarantees continuous airflow. When working with large quantities, this method helps to minimize the number of husks and other byproducts that are discarded. The DC-35 Kubota combine harvester’s Reversing Mechanism makes it easy to reverse the feed chain in the event of a blocked feeder conveyor or drill drum.

DC-35 at Tractors Ghana

The DC-35 Kubota combine harvester in Ghana is a one-time investment with a long lifespan. No matter how big or small your farm is, the DC-35 Kubota combine harvester can handle all of your harvesting needs in Ghana.


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