Kubota DC-105X Cabin Combine Harvester in Ghana

Make: Kubota
Model: DC-105X Cabin
Horsepower: 105hp
Fuel: Diesel
Fuel Capacity: 105L
Grain Tank Capacity: 2,350L
Body Weight: 4,750

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Tractors Ghana is a reputable tractor dealer and supplier of farming equipment that aims to improve farmers’ performance on the farm. In addition to improving agricultural productivity and quality, our mechanization offers our local farmers a wide range of other advantages. The products we have contain tractors, parts, and accessories, combine harvesters, and farm implements.

Combine harvesters supply farmers with ease

A combine harvester is a piece of agricultural machinery that reaps, threshes, and winnows in a single operation. This enables the efficient harvest of grain and some non-grain crops. Other than that, using this method saves farmers time and money on labor expenditures, which boosts agricultural output and boosts profitability.

This combine harvester has comfort, resilience, and top performance

What makes the DC 105X Cabin powerful is its direct injection diesel engine with 105 horsepower and a turbo system that compresses the air so that it may enter the combustion chamber more easily. The storage tank capacity of this combine is quite spacious amounting to 1400 kilograms. The fuel tank capacity is 105 liters which is large in size. Both these tanks allow farmers to stay longer on the field with lower intervals.

It is equipped with an air-conditioned cabin optimizing comfort for our local farmers and protecting them from externalities such as heat. The weight of the car is 4,750 kilograms, the total length is 5,640 mm, the total width is 3,050 mm, and the total height is 2,800 mm. There is a wide reaper that is 2.76 meters increasing productivity on the field. A hot coil set with substantial cooling fins has been created to lessen dust and straw blockage.

The Kubota DC 105X Cabin is appealing to farmers because of the various benefits it provides including high comfort, easy maintenance, and optimum execution.

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